Join us as BNAH take you on a journey of strength and resilience, a journey of breaking barriers and redefining odds. Join us as we explore the achievements of four strong Muslim women who have set unimaginable goals and ARE ‘on the rise’. This year a collaboration of dreams was achieved not only for the modest fashion Industrie but for the recognition of the modest women! We are being seen…Clearer than ever.

Meet Tina Rahimi. Tina is a 26-year-old professional boxer. Tina participated in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and won a Bronze Medal in the Women's Featherweight Division. She is the first Australian Muslim women boxer. Tina will be defending her title at the Australian Championships this November.

“Be patient and fall in love with the process” Tina Rahimi

Meet Kadeja Assaad. A 41 year old, mother of 4. Who is not only breaking stereotypes but is annihilating them. Kadeja is a professional Sports shooter and hunter.

"I’m an avid hunter, a conservationist and a mother of four. I teach people why we hunt/gather and the impact it makes for the better in order to give our native wildlife and vegetation a chance to survive and thrive. I love helping people gain confidence and to do what they love"

Meet Fatima Ibrahim. Fatima is a 22 year old Figure Skater who is currently in her final semester of Law at the University of Sydney. Fatima skated recreationally in her childhood and recently returned to the sport as an adult.

"I train 3-4 times a week and was state champion in the Adult Bronze division this year at the NSW Figure Skating Championships”.

"Figure skating is an important outlet for my mental, physical and creative health. It is a sport I enjoy immensely as it combines athleticism and artistry. I am passionate about encouraging those from diverse backgrounds to join sporting activities. Modest dressing is not a hindrance to enjoying your hobbies!"

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard” Fatima Ibrahim

Meet Lulu Acot. Lulu is a 46-year-old revert, mother of 2 and is a Professional Weightlifter & Cross Fitter. With 24 years in the fitness industry, Lu has been a gym owner, presenter, lecturer and is a Fitness Specialist who is a Personal trainer and CrossFit coach, CrossFit athlete, weightlifting athlete and MMA fighter as well as appearing on series 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior in 2017.Lulu recently won a gold medal for Australia at Australian master's championships and Oceania’s and will be competing at World Cup in March 2023, Auckland.

"If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak” Lulu Acot