3 Effortless Tips for a Chic and Modest Hijabi Look

3 Effortless Tips For A Chic And Modest Hijabi Look

Hijabs are an essential everyday item of clothing for most Muslim women, which is why you shouldn’t compromise on the quality and style of it.

The primary reason for wearing this head piece is, of course, the order of Allah (The Most High) to cover the hair completely in front of her nonrelated men. But, that does not mean that you cannot style it to look graceful and modest at the same time.

In this article, you will find 3 essential head-wears that you need as a trendy hijabi.

2 Piece Hijabs

Like the first rule of almost every kind of clothing, comfort should come before fashion. And whatever you will be comfortable wearing, you'll be able to carry it confidently. 

Two-piece hijabs come with two pieces of clothing, one to cover the front part of your head and forehead, and the other one to cover the rest of your head and hair.

 Many people prefer the simpler and no-fuss look achieved by the two-piece hijab. There is so much you can do with a two-piece hijab. They’re incredibly convenient for your last minute shopping errands, a quick jog around the block or a tough workout at the gym. It stays put on your head, covers everything that needs to be covered and no pins are required. There is truly nothing better than a two-piece hijab.

Choosing a two-piece hijab is our first tip towards making a fashion statement with your hijab while being completely modest, free and following the guidelines set by religion.


Shawls are essential for a chic look, being the cherry on the top to complete your look.

Shawls, often in georgette or chiffon, flow with the wind, and have their own type of style. Shawls are very stylish, very elegant and just downright necessary. This is where the second tip will help you: choosing the right colour for your shawl.

Now ideally, we’ll recommend pairing each of your outfits with the most appropriate shawl to complement that look, but frankly speaking, who’s got the time for that? And not to mention the money you’ll be throwing down the drain buying 2 dozen different shawls.

And especially if you’re attending a formal event or a business meeting, a black shawl will give you the sophisticated and poised look which other colours won't even come close to providing. Trust us on this.

We'd suggest a rectangle black shawl to complement your casual, dressy and professional looks.

So, here’s a budget-friendly (yet a very appealing) idea for getting your shawl.

Choose colours which will complement most of your everyday outfits, be appropriate for almost every kind of weather, and still give yourself the bold and chic look you are aiming for. And our top four picks to accomplish this goal are white, black, navy and mocha.

Now before you roll your eyes at how mainstream these colours might initially appear to you, hear us out.

White Shawl - a look oozing grace and elegance

Pairing a white shawl with your clothes is a tricky choice in fashion. If worn with too dark or bright outfits, a white shawl might leave you with a bland overall look.

However, when paired with pastel colours or black, a white shawl will complete the graceful and elegant look you're aiming for.

Also, what better colour to deal with a few degrees of extra and unexpected heat?

Lastly, if you're trying it out for the first time, it's the perfect colour to experiment with.

Shop your favourite white shawl and add a dash of style

Black Shawl - a look screaming confidence and class

You can't go wrong with this classic look - and there's literally no argument good enough against this.

Pair your black shawl with a dark outfit to complete an intense look. Or you can do a jet-black shawl when wearing light or pastel colours to highlight your headscarf. Either way, you'll be making a bold fashion statement while maintaining a very modest and Islamic look.

Whether you're trying to blend in your shawl with your outfit or trying to create a contrast with your dress, a black shawl is always a classy option.

Navy Shawl - a look to balance the bold and sophisticated in you

Now if you're stuck between the dove white or the dark shades of black, we'll recommend an easy and chic solution: navy.

This colour has a whole separate fan base and stands out for its deep-colour and sophisticated look.

Suitable for both formal and informal events, a navy shawl can give you the sassy and confident look you want without going overboard with black, if that's not your cup of tea.

Also, because of the allure of this colour, you'd love the result if you pair it with light colours such as light grey, turquoise, peach, or tea pink.

View a navy shawl online and see if it's the kind of headwear you're looking for. 

Mocha Shawl– a look that does it all

Mocha shawls are the perfect combination between casual and dressy. Not only can you pair it up with tons of colours like beige, green, navy, red or black, but it gives that finishing touch your chic look needs.

There are many mocha shades, so take your time, trial and error and find the perfect mocha shade that’ll make your outfit pop.

Beating the heat and battling the cold

Our next step goes hand in hand with comfort: choosing the right material for your headscarf.

You need to ensure that the material is not too thick to cause your head to sweat a lot. However, it's not as simple as dressing according to the weather. Hair full of sweat can lead to a disturbingly unpleasant odour as well as an itchy scalp.

Similarly, a scarf made from thin and fragile material is prone to tear and won't really protect your head against the cold.

And yes, we are getting to your next potential query - how do you cater to changing the weather? It's true that you can't keep buying scarves with material suiting to every single weather you might encounter.

So, here's a very safe and comfortable material of clothing for an ideal female headwear: cotton.

This material is perfect in terms of battling various fluctuations in the temperature. You won't feel too hot or too cold in it. Secondly, this material will easily stay on your head without you needing to fix it time and again.

You can find some fashionable and affordable cotton scarves online and can sift through the collection until you find the most comfortable headscarf for yourself.

Don’t just stick to cotton though, you’ll need georgette and chiffon scarves too for those extra looks or formal occasions. A healthy balance is what’s needed to keep trendy and comfortable.


So, here's a quick run-down of our 3 main advised tips to achieve the most simple, easy, classy, and elegant hijab looks.

1. Wear the kind of hijab or shawl which suits your requirements and the shape of your face the best.
2. The right colour can make all the difference between a bland and a chic look - choose it wisely.
3. Make sure the material of your scarf is appropriate for the weather.

Your ultimate guide is to go with your instincts and choose the scarf that appeals the most to you.

Because at the end of the day, if you feel happy and beautiful wearing your clothes and scarf, then you will look radiant and elegant not only to others, but yourself as well.

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