Hijabi Trends for a Stylish Spring

Hijabi Trends for a Stylish Spring

Spring is the perfect season for fashionistas as it’s a combination of winter, autumn and summer! What’s better than having days where you could feel comfortable dressing for all three seasons in a week?

This weather is completely unpredictable, which gives plenty of opportunity for layering. Layering makes it easier to achieve a unique outfit that only YOU can put together. Spring offers one of the best styling opportunities, especially for us hijabi ladies.

spring, make sure to incorporate the following hijab fashion trends to create cute and stylish outfits that will be perfect for the season.

With the hijab, there’s often a compromise, but not at this time of the year- you wouldn’t even have to do a lot of shopping to create these looks, just restyle - they’re in your wardrobe, have a peek!

This spring, make sure to incorporate the following hijab fashion trends to create cute and stylish outfits that will be perfect for the season.


Spring is the perfect time to bring out bright pops of colours or soft, delicate colours, and what better way to do this than wearing pastel? This is a fun style that you can play around with and try out new, exciting and daring looks.

For those who like to experiment with their fashion, wearing a pastel hijab can be fun and bold, and if you think a pastel hijab is not for you, a pastel top or a stylish jacket does the same trick.

The key tip for wearing pastel is dressing it with either black or white, just to make that pop of colour, pop even more.


Long and flowy boho dresses are perfect for hijabi fashion, so it’s great news that this spring, these kinds of dresses are extremely trendy.

Whether it’s an asymmetrically tailored dress, or a low-neck or off-shoulder dress, you can pair them up by wearing crew cut shirts or thin turtlenecks made from breathable fabric underneath.

It’s great for when you’re after a comfortable yet stylish fit.

Besides, layering it up this way will help you feel warm on those colder spring days.


If you wake up one day feeling extra confident and feeling like you own the day, why not get a fit to show people just that? A well tailored, well fitted co-ord set will do the job.

This season has seen a lot of fashionable and stylish work wear getting popular, which is ideal because these suits are trendy and goes well with hijabi style.

It’s easy to look classy, sophisticated, powerful and feminine all at the same time when you are wearing a co-ord pant suit that fits you well.


Don’t bother putting your striped clothes away because they are always in season! Whether it’s a striped jacket, striped pants or a striped shirt, they are perfect trendy pieces.

You can wear stripes in many different ways, and this versatility makes it ideal for all styles. You could go for a chic feminine look, or a more casual look, adding stripes to your style can help you complete the look you’re striving for.


If you want to look fashionable in your abayas, then go for a printed, vibrant abaya this spring! This season is all about unique prints, patterns, and colours, so why not incorporate this trend into your abaya?

It’s a really easy and simple way to look sophisticated and fashionable. You can even mix and match your abaya and hijab.

For example, if you are wearing a blue and white floral printed abaya, then you can go for a plain blue hijab or even a contrast, plain hijab.


This season, it’s all about comfortable yet stylish clothing, which means that athleisure wear is huge. Who wouldn’t want to wear clothes that allow you to move around freely without making you uncomfortable, yet still make you look stylish and trendy?

That’s exactly what athleisure wear does and what’s best is that there are multiple ways to style it with hijabi fashion.


Put those skinny jeans away, because it’s all about chic, mum jeans this season. Find the perfect mum jeans with a great wash and style it up exactly the way you want it with your hijab.

The great thing about mum jeans is that there are endless ways to style it depending on the kind of look you want to go for.

Besides, it’s really easy to look chic and stylish when pairing the jeans with a hijab and some heels. High-waist mum jeans are a must-have this season! They’re airy and a perfect fit.


As mentioned before, spring can be a little unpredictable. There are warmer days and there are colder days, so pairing an outfit with a cardigan would be safe because if you’re feeling a little warmer on a cold day, just take it off and your outfit will still be complete. This is where cardigans and long robes come in.

They are perfect to wear on top of your dress, and they fit right in with hijab fashion. They are perfect to wear on top of your dress or abaya, and they fit right in with the fashion. You can go for printed cardigans or robes with fun patterns on them and even style them up with your mum jeans!


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