Do we really need a pandemic to make face coverings acceptable?

Do we really need a pandemic to make face coverings acceptable?

For decades, Muslims, specifically Hijabi women, have suffered oppression by the hands of the public. Our modesty has always been an ongoing issue in westernised cultures. Although Australia is a multicultural and secular country, the discrimination is yet to stop. However, the nation isn’t as near Islamophobic as European countries such as France, Denmark, Italy and more. In France, a UN member implemented an anti-Islamic policy involving the prohibitions on headscarves and face coverings.

In Denmark, they issued blasphemous images falsely portraying the Prophet Mohammad. Another anti-Danish political party offered to help and support the Muslims who would leave Islam. In Italy, the government passed the anti-Mosque law which meant that for approximately 1.5 MILLION Muslims in Italy, they were ONLY 8 official mosques. In 2016, the Chancellor said that the wearing of full face veils should be prohibited in Germany.

When will this all stop?

Muslims are treated poorly due to the way they dress. For many years, a niqab was seen to be something to fear, and now, due to the recent pandemic, you would not find anyone walking without a face covering, or the more ‘acceptable term,’ mask. Here is a question to ask oneself:

Why is it acceptable to cover one’s face with a mask, yet when it’s done with a cloth for religious purposes, it’s frowned upon?

We speak of oppression but the niqab is a choice, yet the mask now isn’t. How is it fair that niqabi women to this day, struggle to feel comfortable in their own clothing, all because the public is too ignorant, discriminatory and cruel to accept every being for how they are? This piece isn’t about wearing the niqab, it is about freedom of choice. It is about the significance of being able to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. The way things are going, comfort is now compromised at the hands of the public. Comfort should not be compromised.

Do we really need a pandemic to make face coverings acceptable? Hypocrisy is ever so common.