Everything You Need to Know About Islamic Clothing for Men

Everything You Need to Know About Islamic Clothing for Men

Most people have a slight idea of how a Muslim woman dresses modestly. However, very few know what Muslim men wear and what their distinctive dress codes are.

In Islam, Muslim men are also required to conform to the modesty factor in clothing. This blog covers everything about the authentic Islamic clothing for men - take a good read and find out how Muslim men choose and wear Islamic attire.

Understanding The Dress Code Of Muslim Men

When it comes to authentic Islamic clothing for men, the traditional attire may change from country to country or region to region, but the core remains the same - Modesty.

As per the Quran 33:35, Muslim men and women who are patient and constant, who are humble and give in charity, men and women who fast, men and women who guard their chastity and engage in Allah's praise - the God forgives their sins and offers great reward.

According to the Quran, men are taught to dress modestly, which is described as “The Dress of Piety” or Libasut-Taqwa. It emphasises on two important conditions that include:

  • The first one says that the dress has to be halal, which means that the sources by which that dress is earned have to be halal.
  • The second condition says that the clothing must not imitate other people’s religious attire or style according to Hadith, which says, “Whoever imitates some people will be ranked among them.” (Irwaa’ul Ghaleel, Al-Albaani, Hadith no. 2384)

Apart from this, the entire idea of Muslim clothing for men doesn’t revolve around only modesty, it also focuses on other important religious aspects, which implies:

  • Obedience to Allah the Almighty
  • Being proud of your own identity
  • Not being judged for your beauty
  • Liberation
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Continuance of business activities in a respectable environment

What are the Characteristics of Authentic Islamic Clothing for Men?

As per the standards of modesty in Islamic clothing for men, body parts should be covered, excluding visible organs like hands and face. However, other factors should be kept in mind while considering Islamic clothing. Let’s take a look at them:


Clothing must not be body-hugging and should be loose enough to hide body curves. It must be convenient so that it covers all the parts of the body from neck to ankle.


Thickness is another important factor to be considered in Islamic clothing for men. As Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was aware of the lifestyle of the forthcoming generation, he knew people may dress naked; so, sheer or see-through clothing is not at all recommended in Islam.

Overall Appearance

By overall appearance, it means that the complete look must be distinguished and modest, it doesn’t matter how shiny or blingy the clothes are.


As per Quran, the clothing should neither be outlandish nor shabby. Instead, it must be such that you gain the appreciation and sympathy of others.

Different Styles of Clothing Worn By Islamic Men

Since we have understood the characteristics of Islamic clothing, let’s learn different clothing items that are found in the wardrobe of every Muslim man.


The long robe worn by Muslim men is called a Thobe. According to different cultures and origins, it is called the dishdasha in Kuwait and the kandourah in UAE. The top is designed like a shirt, but it is loose and is elongated and reaches the ankle in length. Usually, it is white, but can also be found in different colours like black, grey, or warmer earthier tones in winters.

Ghutra and Egal

The square or rectangular headscarf tied with a black rope band is called Ghutra. In some regions, it is called a shemagh or kuffiyeh. The egal is the rope band to keep the scarf in place, which is optional.


Serwal or mikasser is the white cotton pants that are worn beneath the Thobe with a white cotton undershirt. Serwal comes with an elasticated waist or a drawstring to enhance the comfort level. These can also be worn all alone as pyjamas.

Sunnah Caps

Sunnah Caps are customary to Muslim men that serve as a religious observance. It is a typical cap worn during religious practices or otherwise. It can be worn in colours like brown, black, grey, or beige.

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