Seven Smart Tips to Buy Abaya

Seven Smart Tips to Buy Abaya

Abayas are ritualistic and traditional Islamic wear for Muslim women - a clothing item that you’ll find in every muslimah’s wardrobe. These are worn gracefully to maintain modesty and reflect soul-deep cultural beliefs. 

There was a time when abayas used to look too basic - with solid colours and simple features. However, times have changed, and now you’ll find abayas in a variety of vibrant hues, styles and embellishments. 

Modern-day women practising Islam ensure to shop for designer abayas online that are a perfect blend of elegance and feminine charm. If you are planning to add new abayas in your collection, we have curated some tips that'll come in handy to avoid making a dull purchase. Here are our smart tips when buying abayas online -

Essential Tips to Buy Abaya Online

1. Consider the Length

Your height should be the first thing to consider when you buy abaya online. 

It is important that abaya should cover the body up until the ankles. Whether you’re tall or short, consider measuring your height to get the right length for yourself. 

Tall women wearing an abaya of exact length and short ones wearing an abaya that is a few inches long can be an ideal option. No way a shorter abaya is to be considered in Islamic clothing. So, when you shop online, check the size before making the final purchase.

2. Fit

An abaya should be such that it compliments your body; so, you must choose one that fits your body well. By the right fit, we don’t mean that it should be body-hugging but should give enough room to wear clothes underneath. If you have a pear-shaped body, consider an abaya with wide bottom and tight sleeves. On the other hand, if you have a lean or skinny figure, pick one with more layers and frills to accentuate your figure. 

3. Sleeve Design

By sleeve design we mean, it should not be too short or too long. However, it depends on the design, but as per the modest standards, it should be of decent length.

When you buy abaya online, make sure you choose one with the sleeves that are at wrist length. Abaya with short length sleeves can be discarded unless the design states. 

4. Fabric

Fabric is another important consideration when choosing an abaya. As you shop for abayas, make sure it is according to the season. You surely don’t want to wear a crepe or synthetic abaya in the winter or a wool abaya in the summer. 

Pick according to the current season. Abayas with light fabric are ideal for the summers while the heavy and layered abayas are appropriate for the winter.

5. Occasion

Another important thing to consider is the occasion for which you are choosing an abaya. You will find many patterns and designs including embroidery, sequins, and beads. You must choose the right type for the right occasion to enhance the look and overall appearance. 

Some people like to keep it simple while some like all things bling. Considering your personal choices pick the right one, keeping in mind the occasion. For example, plain abayas are apt for casual daily wear, while sequined and patterned abayas are best for weddings and celebrations.

6. Colour

We have generally seen black coloured abayas, but you can pick any colour you like. However, Condition? It is preferred that it compliments your complexion/skin tone. If you know the inside details of the fashion and beauty industry, you may already know the best match for your skin tone. So, look your best by choosing the right shade of abaya dress.  

7. Purchase from a Reputable Online Store

Lastly, if you buy Islamic abaya online, we recommend you buy from a reputable manufacturer or store. Why are we suggesting you do so? It is because the best stores are well-known and they never compromise on quality. If you are expecting the best for yourself, pick the best store to make your purchases. 

If you are confused, how to assess the quality and reputation, look for reviews and comments on the website. It will give you a fair idea of the reputation that the store holds and then you can proceed with your shopping.

Apart from this, you must also check the policies of the online sites you are purchasing from. Get as much information as possible about the exchange offers and the money-back policies in case of return. Also, be aware of the payment structure of the shopping website.

Abaya is an integral part of daily clothing for many Muslim women across the globe, and buying a perfect one is important. However, at first it may seem challenging, but it's a learning process! Learn what your body looks best in and follow through with our tips to find the right abaya for you! Follow the tips mentioned above to buy a perfect abaya that makes you feel good and comfortable!

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