Getting Winter-ready - Top Ideas To Ace Layering With Hijab

Getting Winter-ready - Top Ideas To Ace Layering With Hijab

In Islam, Hijab is a mandate for women to cover their heads to promote decency and modesty.

Although the main reason to use hijab is religious, women who wear it also enjoy other benefits. These scarves cover the head and partial face within two or three layers, which is an excellent way of protecting the skin from sun exposure and harsh elements like dust and pollution.

Hijab also helps keep your face covered from cold winds that can make your skin dry in winter. In no time, winter will be hitting the roads. We all will be looking into our wardrobes for suitable scarves, gloves, boots, overcoats, and jackets. If you regularly wear hijabs, Nour Al Houda is here to share some hijab styling tips for winters.

Smart Ways To Ace Layering With Hijab

With varieties of colours and fabrics used to make hijabs, it is not difficult to match at least one with your current outfit. We have some latest hijab style tips that will go along with any eastern or western apparel. They also can be carried with gowns. It is the beauty of the hijab that brings flexibility to the wardrobe. By simply changing the colour, you can add the difference to your complete look.

Style 1 - Headband Hijab

Headband hijab is quite trendy. Girls wear a bone cap inside the layers with any colourful forehead front. These headbands come in varieties; they can be simple beads headbands or with a brooch. The bone cap sets the hijab quickly on the head, making it easy to carry it anywhere. With the double layer of the scarf, you can keep your head and ears covered during winter, and with trendy headbands, you can change the complete fashion look.

Style 2 - Multi-Layered Hijab

The multi-layered hijab contains heavy volume as the hijab is wrapped in multiple layers. It looks incredibly gorgeous with any eastern or western outfit. You need to use a warm shawl and start wrapping around the head in two whorls. Then to add volume, fold the edges before wrapping around. Use pins to keep the layers firmly in place. Leave the ends hanging from the shoulder on one side, and you'll get a whole look of hijab from a woolen shawl.

Style 3 - Turban Style

Turban hijab gives a turban look to the wrap. It covers your whole head and the lower neck. It is a perfect match for gowns and loose-fit attires. The lower hands of the scarf can also be used to loop around the neck, or you can pin them at the back of the turban. Both ends of the hijab are wrapped across the head to give it a turban look. To provide it with a unique look, always use a multicoloured scarf or dichromatic scarf.

Style 4 - Simple Winter Style Hijab

Use the simple scarf technique to wrap the hijab around the triangular cloth on the bone cap placed on the head. It is a casual wrap that is carried comfortably with any casual attire. It is lightweight, which also allows women to walk, talk and sit comfortably. To add a cherry on top, wear a leather coat or any other long winter outfit to give it a great look.

Style 5 - Neck Knot

This hijab style covers your wide neck. It is a good combination with fur coats or any jacket that has volume over its collars. The channel is all packed with a style that looks neat with the skin. Moreover, it gives warmth and comfort when the neck, ears are covered, and there is no chance of chilly air entering.

Winter Fashion Tips For Hijabis

  • Try hijab with bomber jackets as some celebs rock wearing the same style. You can wear a fur carpet bomber jacket or patched bomber jacket that gives a wholly packed feeling.
  • Denim jackets are found in every girl's wardrobe, as it is an excellent combination with any attire. They look good with hijab, whether a woman or a teenager wears it.
  • Often people find it weird when we talk about it, but yes, hijab with hats also looks fantastic. If you're wearing a thin single-layer hijab during winter, you can cover your head with a woolen cap and protect yourself from the chilly wind.
  • A hijab with a front open coat or long coat gives a perfect evening look. The coat can be of any colour, but the hijab should be of thick material to provide it with an exquisite evening look.
  • Snowy days mean too many winter outfits like turtle necks and bomber jackets. Why not cover the head with a light-coloured hijab which is lightweight. This is because those jackets and boots are heavy enough to walk on snowy roads, and we don't want to torture you with another heavy hijab on top of your head.

With the hectic life routine, it isn't easy to cope up with fashion. Using these few easy tips can make your days better and comfortable.

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