Kindness Matters - Five Ways To Support Palestine And Gaza

Kindness Matters - Five Ways To Support Palestine And Gaza

Along with the ongoing pandemic, the atrocities in Palestine and Gaza do not seem to fade away. Amidst all of this chaos, the citizens can be seen clearing the rubble, rebuilding their homes from scratch and trying to sustain themselves in the aftermath. Although the bombardment has ceased, the emergency is ongoing.

Owing to this critical condition, there is a tremendous strain on healthcare services in Gaza and a dire need for good food and medical supplies. In addition, the humanitarian needs that existed even before the violence cannot be dismissed whole across Palestine. One can see damage in every sector of life leading to huge poverty, unemployment, and instability which has been even more exacerbated by the pandemic.

The people in Palestine and Gaza are looking for your help to re-establish their lives and feed their children.

If you wish to make a change in people’s lives, the families of Palestine can eternally be grateful for your kindness. Here are five ways you can support people and help them rebuild their lives.

Five Ways To Support Palestine And Gaza

1. Shelter Them And Rebuild Homes

If you want to see the plight of the people of Palestine, you can already notice it all over the internet. For instance, the people can be seen coming out of destroyed buildings and streets flooded with rubble. During the attack, people fled from their homes, left their belongings behind and sought shelter anywhere they could find.

Now, the people have returned to their places and picked up the pieces.

Today, more than half of the people in Gaza live under the poverty line with no resources in hand in their hour of need. Your donations can help people in Gaza to repair their homes from the recent as well as previous violence of 2014. With this, you will be supporting families with a place to eat, sleep and live safely with families with dignity.

2. Help Them With Medical Supplies

The health infrastructure in Gaza is at its lowest with half of the essential medicines at zero stock, a shortage of medical supplies, and a huge influx of trauma patients on top of it. Furthermore, the only Coronavirus testing facility in Gaza was also destroyed during the bombardment. Today, it is completely shattered.

Looking at this gravity, there is an urgent need for people to come together and provide medical supplies in Gaza.

By helping your bit in the Gaza Fund, you will help the charity to continue its vital work and support doctors or nurses in giving urgent care to the patients in need.

3. Give Them Cash Grants

The next help you can provide is to help them financially. The economic impact of coronavirus can be seen all across the globe. The impoverished families in Gaza have lost their income and are struggling to make their ends meet.

Furthermore, thousands of people have lost their essential belongings to the recent attack or became homeless. A lot of them are now staying with friends or relatives.

Such families do not have any savings or resources to fall back on in their hour of need. You can help them by distributing cash grants and support them to buy essentials including kitchen items and clothes. With this, you will make them stand on their own by giving them the dignity of choosing their belongings and the support they need to recover from the crisis.

Your donations will turn their life around and give a lifeline to these families so that they can afford essentials.

You can also do a small act of kindness by making a Palestine $5 Donation.

4. Provide Them Food

The continuous rift, instability, conflict, and a 15-year long blockade have made 1.6 million Palestinians depend on humanitarian aid for food. Approximately a third of all Palestinians are devoid of food with the situation even more grave in the Gaza strip where more than 68% of the population is unable to afford food.

Putting fuel to the fire, coronavirus restrictions have increased unemployment and the recent bombardment on Gaza has led to a food crisis in Palestine.

Providing your aid in the form of basic food including staples such as flour or lentils to a Palestinian family will help them with food necessities. Each food parcel will feed a family for a month and make sure they don't have to worry about eating nutritious meals through this difficult time.

5. Plant Olive Trees

The prophet said, ‘Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than (a meal) which he earned from the work of his own hands. The Prophet of Allah, Dawud (as), used to eat from the work of his own hands.

Aside from providing them with emergency aid, including food and medicine, the people in Palestine need to stand back up and hand up rather than a handout. Planting an olive tree can be a starting point for this.

Olive trees offer livelihoods to a lot of people in Palestine. These are a source of food and income in the region. With flourishing olive trees, people will not only sustain themselves but also the generations to come.


Every religion supports the act of kindness and asks people to help each other in need. With this thought, the people in Palestine and Gaza are needing some support from other brothers and sisters. Let’s do our bit - let’s contribute as much as we can and send good vibes to people in need.

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