Sponge Prayer Mat



Width 75cm
Length 110cm
Cushion 3cm

Colour Options Available

Please provide 3 colour preferences by selecting Images 1 through 6. 
The first being your initial priority (we will aim to provide your first preference), if we are out of stock, we will go with your second, then your third option.

Image 1 - Green
Image 2 - Brown
Image 3 - Navy
Image 4 - Black
Image 5 - Turquoise Blue
Image 6 - Maroon

Important Information

When selecting a prayer mat, colours or patterns may vary, depending on stock availability. If this is the case, we will aim to provide the closest option. 

If you do not provide a colour option, we will choose one at random.

Colour may vary depending on individual monitor settings.

Hand wash only. 

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