Burkini Start Swimming In Style

Burkini Start Swimming In Style

Enjoying a day at the beach or going for a swim for Muslim women is made much easier thanks to the burkini. A burkini is a modest swimsuit designed for women, which covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet. Even though the suit covers the whole body, it is made from a lightweight and breathable material, making it suitable for swimming.

The great thing about a burkini is that it is not just for Muslim women; it is suitable for any female who wants to enjoy the beach or spend time in the water without compromising on their modesty. If you feel uncomfortable wearing bikini tops or exposing swimwears, then a burkini is the perfect solution for you.


Even though they have been around for less than two decades, burkinis have come a long way since they were introduced in the market. Contrary to popular belief, the burkini is not a Muslim traditional clothing item. In fact, it was originally designed by a Muslim Australian called Aheda Zanetti.

Zanetti discovered, through her own experiences and that of others, that there was a lack of active-wear designed for Muslim girls and women. Earlier, they would simply wear traditional Islamicwear, which was not very ideal for moving around and engaging in physical activities. Seeing this need, Zanetti came up with the idea of Muslim-friendly active-wear that is ideal for physical activities without compromising on modesty. Thus, the burkini was born – culturally appropriate sportswear for Muslim women and girls that makes it much easier for them to stay active.

Even though Zanetti’s company owns trademarks for the words burkini and burqini, they have grown to become rather generic terms used to describe modesty swimsuit.


When they first came out, burkinis were met with a fair amount of scepticism because they were considered to be not as stylish as other types of swimwear. However, the perception has changed significantly over the years.

An increasing number of people are now realising the benefits that a burkini offers for those who wish to dress in culturally-appropriate ways while engaging in physical activities. Seeing this shift in public perception, well-known brands such as Nike have announced that they will be releasing their first modesty swimwear line this year.

According to Nike, their new line of modesty swimsuit will be designed in such a way that they provide full coverage without reducing the wearer’s range of motion while swimming.

Not only this, a huge step in the acceptance and popularity of burkinis among the public was when Sports Illustrated featured its first muslim model Halima Aden on the cover in a burkini in early 2019. The popular magazine featured a Somali-American supermodel wearing a burkini – a move which was widely celebrated.

Other activewear brands such as Speedo and Zoggs also cater to the needs of modest women who like to stay active. Burkini-style swimwear of all colours and designs are now available for Muslim women and girls everywhere.


The burkini is not just a modest swimsuit; thanks to its full coverage of the body, it is a great way of protecting your skin from sun exposure. Everybody knows that swimming and other physical activities that are done outside means constant exposure to sunlight, which can have detrimental effects on the skin. But with a burkini, you no longer have to worry about sun damage.

So, if you want to avoid tanning, rashes, sunburns, UV-induced skin damage and premature ageing, but still want to enjoy yourself in the sun, a burkini is the perfect solution for you.

Moreover, cancer survivors and those who are at a high risk of skin cancer have also adopted the burkini.


Styling a burkini is simple. One of the best ways to go about it is to pair it with a swim turban. As the name suggests, the swim turban is a swim cap designed for Muslim women and girls. It is modest activewear that covers your hair and head. Made from a lightweight, breathable material, these swim turbans won’t weigh you down while you are swimming.

You don’t even have to worry about them falling off – a common worry among Muslim women who wear hijabs and other types of culturally appropriate swim caps.

No matter how much you move around, you can be confident that these swim turbans will stay on because they are extremely secure and will fit you perfectly.

With these stylish and functional swim turbans from Boutique Nour Al Houda, it is easy to style your burkini. Since our swim turbans are versatile, they go with all kinds of burkinis.


The burkini effortlessly blends style, functionality, protection and modesty, which makes it the perfect swimwear for Muslim women and girls. So, whether you want to spend the day at the beach, or go swimming in the pool, you now have a complete modest and comfortable swimsuit to wear.

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