Dress Up The Kids Thobes or Hijabs

Dress Up The Kids Thobes or Hijabs

Abayas, thobes or hijabs should be carefully chosen to cater for their comfort, fitting and style.

Were you ever stuck when thinking of what to buy for your kids when it was Harmony Day or Multicultural Day? When teachers asked students to dress from their culture or religion? It’s often hard to find exactly what you need when having to dress appropriately, follow on and you’ll see exactly what your child needs.

The key is to find clothes that are made of high-quality materials and is the right fit for your child. Whether your little one is wearing a thobe or she needs a hijab, always ensure that the material is comfortable, and is not restricting your little one from running around.

It’s crucial that they feel confident, comfortable and appreciated in cultural/islamic clothing. Having the right fit, style and material will contribute to this goal.

Even when it comes to accessories, there are plenty of options suitable for kids. Whether you are looking for pins for your girl’s hijab, sunnah caps for your little boy, or a prayer mat, you can easily find the right accessory that complements the piece.

To help you and your little one out, take a look at the following clothing items which your kids or nephews/nieces can wear. These will help you choose suitable clothing items and accessories as per your needs.


These are perfect for young muslim girls. Pencil skirts, abayas and dresses are modest, yet stylish, comfortable and durable too. They are available in a wide variety of materials, colours, sizes and styles. Your little girl is guaranteed to love a pencil skirt that is free-flowing, made from soft, jersey material that is stretchable, and also comes with an elastic waistband.

A long, cotton abaya is also quite common amongst girls. If your little girl loves to wear a one-piece abaya, then these are a perfect choice. She’ll love it even more when she’s matching with mum!


Girls jelbabs are another great and common choice of islamicwear that is popular across the globe. Jelbabs are great because there are numerous ways in which you can style them.

They are available in all sorts of materials, colours and sizes so that you can choose the best option for your little girl. A popular choice of material for a jelbab is a lycra stretch blend.

These are known for their durability, stretchability and comfort. The flowy material also adds a touch of style and femininity to your overall look.

To top it off, your daughter or niece will look ADORABLE in a jelbab, what more do you need?


A hijab is an essential element of islamicwear, for ladies and girls. Today, countless muslims all over the world wear cotton hijabs.

As you can imagine, these are extremely soft and comfortable on the skin, and younger girls will have no problem wearing them for long periods of time.

Made from high-quality cotton and viscose blend, these hijabs are guaranteed to be loved by your little girl.

The best part is that they are available in a wide variety of colours, so you can take your pick and have a cotton hijab for your kid that will go with every one of her outfits.


Muslim boys do not have to compromise on style and comfort either, it’s just as easy if you think about it. Boys thobes are a common choice of islamicwear. Today, with the sheer amount of options you have when it comes to boys abayas, it’s important to make sure you choose an abaya that fits you well as this can make a huge difference.

Even though abayas are loose-fitting in general, it doesn’t mean that they have to look untidy. If you pick a size too big for your little boy, not only will he look shabby, but he won’t feel comfortable in his clothes as well, and we all know what happens when our little ones aren’t comfortable in their clothing...

Abayas for boys are available in different sizes, materials and colours. Usually, white, grey, black and dark blue are popular colour choices. If you want to go for something that stands out a bit, you can go for an abaya or thobe that has prints or patterns on it.


For Muslim men and boys, sunna caps are an important part of their attire. These headpieces can be found in various styles, colours and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect fit for your little boy.

There are different types of caps for Muslim boys, including topi caps, Salat caps, and more.


It’s important that your kids engage in their daily prayers, and prayer mats are an important accessory to this ritual. The best part is that there are various prayer mats designed especially for kids, meaning that these mats are the perfect size for children.

They can be found in different colours and designs, and are ideal for both boys and girls. Some of these prayer mats even come with cute bags so that kids can simply fold their mats and carry them around conveniently.

Islam enjoins you to teach your children to pray, to be good to others, to wear modest clothes.

This is so that they will grow up in the best way and so that they will be righteous in the future.

Even if they are not yet accountable – because they have not yet reached puberty – this does not mean that their guardians and families should not instruct them to do that which is in their best interests.

In this way you can raise them to have a good character and attitude in general, to be modest and especially to be chaste. That also includes instructing them to guard their chastity especially in western culture.

On one hand, this has to do with raising them to be modest and chaste; on the other hand it has to do with preventing provocation of desire and temptation in those who see them, whether they are members of the family, friends or relatives.

On one hand, this has to do with raising them to be modest and chaste; on the other hand it has to do with preventing provocation of desire and temptation in those who see them, whether they are members of the family, friends or relatives.

Modest clothing for children should be enjoined so as to guide them towards righteousness because at the end of the day, it is our duty as parents to guide them towards righteousness.