Do’s And Don'ts Of Buying Abaya

Do’s And Don'ts Of Buying Abaya

When it comes to following trends in the Muslim world, abayas seem to be the most expressive garment that does all the talking. The secret lies in how you carry it! Whether you consider it as evening wear or regular the comfort and your style is what makes it unique and special.

Abaya being an essential part of your wardrobe, picking the right thing can bring all the charm. In this blog, we are going to discuss the dos and don’ts of buying an abaya; so, wearing it doesn’t pose any hindrance to your fashion sense. After all, your life may not be perfect, but your outfit can be!

Let’s start with the styling tips now.

Dos of Buying an Abaya

There’s always a little struggle that comes along with wearing an abaya honestly, but keeping the fashion tips in mind will save you from any hassle:

1. Pick the Right Size

We have always talked about picking the right size when buying abaya. It could be difficult to carry a measuring tape while buying offline, here technology saves you from the hassle of checking every garment in a trial room. Here you should consider the size chart shown on the website you are buying from. There could be different sizes depending on the region especially in the sizes of the UK, US, and India. Understand the difference and then move ahead with making a final purchase.

2. Consider the Purpose of Wearing

By purpose of wearing we mean consider the occasion for which you are buying abaya. If it is for a wedding or an anniversary, go for some embellished or patterned abayas matching the vibe. On the other hand, go for some subtle designs and shades for daily wear or when buying for occasions like a simple family get together.

3. Customisation Options

After considering the purpose of wearing the abaya, it’s time to check whether there are any customisation options available on the website you are buying from. Many manufacturers provide customisation options as it is an amazing way to meet customer expectations. If the manufacturer provides for customisation, then there’s nothing better than that as you can get the tailor-made abayas at your doorstep. In case you don’t get this option, go for the right size or at least closer to actual measurements.

4. Choose Right Fabric

Another important factor which is important in choosing the right abaya is the fabric. The reason behind is you need to feel comfortable in your abaya. When considering the online option, you may get tempted with the images of the models, but we would recommend you to check the description always. There’s a fabric for every season, make sure you choose according to that. And, the important requirement is that you should feel comfortable and light and not bulky.

5. Consider Your Body Type

When you decide to buy abayas online, pick the one that makes you look good. We would recommend you to go for the style that’s neither too skinny nor too oversized. Remember, balance is the key! Go for that flatters your figure and not showcases it that looks bawdy.

Don’t of Buying an Abaya

Whether abayas are a part of your daily routine or you just want to spice up your look a little, there are certain mistakes that you might be making which you don’t even realise. Here are some of them to help you pick the right abaya for yourself:

1. Sweeping Abaya

An abaya that is sweeping the ground never looks appealing, and the same approach goes for the short length. Don’t just pick any abaya, but consider your styling option whether you are going to wear heels or flats. Always aim for a length that is a few centimetres below your ankle and you are good to go!

2. Ignoring Arm’s Length

The length of the sleeve is also important when you choose an abaya. Generally, we focus on the hemline, but arm length can break or make the look. If it’s too long or too short, none is going to look good. Instead, pick an arm's length that ends right at your wrist.

3. Endless Layers

Carrying a shop of clothes onto yourself is never a great idea. Same goes with layering your abaya with endless clothing items be it an undershirt or additional scarves for the dramatic effect. One important thing to consider is that the abaya should fit your shoulders. Also, if you are looking for the ultra-glam look, you can consider trying a belt around to flatter your figure.

4. Static Clinging

When you use abayas made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, they are prone to static clinging. You can eliminate this problem by dropping synthetic abayas from your wardrobe. Instead, we would recommend you to go for natural fabrics such as silk or cotton for that beautiful loose fall.

5. It’s Time to Switch for a New One

Usually, women go straight for black abayas when it comes to daily wear, but when you wear it excessively it loses its shine and colour. When you notice the changes in your abaya, know that it’s time to replace it with a new one. Moreover, you should keep them with utmost care to increase their lifespan.

Apart from this, we would also recommend you to go for some other colours and break the monotony with some beautiful pastel shades or vibrant colours. Believe us, you are going to love the change!

Where to Buy the Best Abayas?

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