5 Super-stylish Ways To Wear Your Silk Scarves - You'll Fall In Love With The Fourth!

5 Super-stylish Ways To Wear Your Silk Scarves - You'll Fall In Love With The Fourth!

Scarves are one of the reliable and obvious accessories to be found in a woman’s wardrobe as it is one of the most versatile accessories. It is such a timeless piece that can be styled in numerous ways to glam up your entire look. Apart from this, when your hair is all greasy, and you struggle to style them, scarves come to your rescue. You can tie colourful scarves onto your hair to give that colourful, and lively vibe to your look.

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf to Top-Up Your Ensemble

Here are our five favourite ways to wear a scarf in your hair that we have collated just for you.

1. Bandana

Bandana tops the chart as it kind of catapults your simple outfit into high-end fashion. The popular and super stylish way is to use it to play around your hair to switch up your hairstyle. All you need to do is, to simply wrap around your head or wear it as a headband that will act as a covering for the hair. Moreover, if you tie the knot at the top of your head, it will add a playful element. Also, not only it will uplift your style but will keep your hair moisturized and healthy. It protects and keeps your hair intact from dirt and direct exposure to sunlight.

2. Babushka

Tying a babushka style scarf is a bonafide art form that requires minimum efforts. The sleek and simple style is every girl’s favourite to get those fantastic coiffured hair covered. Babushka scarves show us the polished and preened look that seems incredibly chic. Moreover, a babushka scarf seems to be one of the most practical ways to keep your hair in place. All you need to do is to fold a silk scarf into a triangle, align the folded edge along the middle of the head, and wrap the two ends around the chin. You can give a more flowy effect by using a large piece of silk scarf.

3. Neck Scarves

Another great way to wear a square silk scarf is to tie it around your neck in different styles from the simple toss and tuck to complicated knots. If you are looking for different ideas to tie neck scarves, then here are some sophisticated and ultra-modern ways. You can choose to do a simple loop around your neck or go for a cowl neck. Also, celeb knot is a good option when you want to glam up a little, and still want to keep things simple.

Apart from this, the infinity, the preppy necktie, and the twisted necklace style are all rage nowadays.

4. Braid Style

If you love bohemian style hair, braid styles scarf is another great way to amp up your style. You can tie around your plait and give yourself a completely new look. This way you can transform your look from simple to chic and modish. All you need to do is to fold to form a triangle and begin folding it to the 90-degree angle down towards the flat side. After folding it so you can tie your hair in a ponytail and use the scarf ends with any of three sections while doing a braid. The purpose is to intertwine it along the entire braid stretching it to the ends. You can use bright or pastel colour scarves to play around your hairstyle.

5. Half Top Knot

Half top knot is also one of the gorgeous ways you can style your silk scarf. You can use bright coloured scarves to give your outfit a pop of colour to your outfit. It can be worn with either bob or long hair and styling up your updo. And, interestingly this half top knot is back in fashion, you can see women are now loving to flaunt the style. The best part is that it gives that good old vibe of 60’s fashion here everybody could be seen flaunting the groovy hairstyle.

For this style, you have to follow the same step of folding the scarf into a triangle, then folding the points together. Now take the upper half of your hair to create a bun and tie the silk scarf around the bun and keep the ends loose. Believe us, you would love to try it again and again.

Bonus Tip - You can also tie your silk scarf to your designer bag - it will add a pinch of drama and style to your overall ensemble.

Wearing silk scarves is the best way to add flair to your style while going minimalistic. Keep experimenting with different styles, shapes, and forms. So, follow the above ways and try including bolder and brighter tastes this time and be confident.

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