Fashion Tales - How To Style Your Maxi Dress For Different Occasions?

Fashion Tales - How To Style Your Maxi Dress For Different Occasions?

Pretty, flowy, comfortable, and floor-grazing- maxi dresses are love! They are extremely versatile and look good on everybody.

If you are a modest fashion lover, you can find beautiful dresses for casual wear, beach parties, summer weddings, and whatnot! All you need to know is how to style them for different occasions, and you can be a sure head-turner!

Here are our must-know maxi dress styling tips.

Ways To Style Your Maxi Dress For Different Occasions

Wearing Maxi For A Daytime Event

When you plan to wear a maxi dress during the day, go for a casual, versatile one that makes it easy to move around in.

Opting for a floral print, colourful, or embellished maxi dress is fine, but dressing it down is the key to create the desired impression.

Our Style Tip - A pastel-coloured or floral maxi dress is a great pick to add colours to your daytime event modestly. You can complete the look by carrying an everyday handbag, casual sandals, and a pair of classy sunglasses. To smarten the look, you can consider wearing a blazer over it.

Wearing maxi for an evening party

For those who want to make a memorable presence at an evening party, a formal modest maxi dress with a belt works the best.

Opt for a statement colour in rayon lining, like a camel colour, for an elegant evening look. If you are a guest at a get-together or wedding, such smart and sophisticated attire will give you a modest yet stunning look.

Our Style Tip - Pair it with kitten heels or glossy wedges to get a dressier look at night. You should go for stacked wedges if you are slightly shorter in height, it helps your dress fit at a proper length.

Wearing maxi for an office meeting

Modest maxi looks chic and polished at office meetings.

Maxi is the perfect office dress for any season. Go for a silky piece with an elegant puff on the sleeves and a long cuff buttoned at the wrist. Cinched at the waist makes the flattering dress fall straight down. Think rayon and viscose blend to stand out in your professional arena.

Our Style Tip - Add formal footwear and a quality handbag to create a perfect look for client meetings and business presentations.

Wearing maxi for a casual get-together

When you are wearing something modest for a casual get-together, such as a floor-length maxi dress, the temptation is to reach for one in a solid colour. However, why not go a bit creative?

Our style experts suggest you can be a little creative with your maxi dress and still look modest. It can result in a fashion combination that is both chic and sophisticated.

You must have seen fashion influencers wearing stunning animal prints. We also think that this formula is perfect to look stylish at a casual get-together.

Choose a breathable linen fabric that is non-see-through, suitable for all fun occasions and seasons. Give yourself a try with a timeless piece and count the head turns.

Our Style Tip - You can never go wrong with a leopard print or tiger print dress. Pick a simple clutch and delicate necklace to complete your attire!

Wearing maxi for a date night

A bold, brightly coloured cotton maxi dress can look fabulous on its own for summer. However, adding puffy sleeves for that extra bit of class along with a small cut from the bottom of the dress is the key to creating a date night chic look.

Choose a perfect shade of pink or red to feel pretty and confident on your date night. You can also get a bit creative- try wearing a jacket in a bright hue over your maxi dress to create a colour-blocked outfit that feels just right.

Our Style Tip - Combine it with beige/black colour high heels, classic stud earrings and a designer handbag.

What shoes to wear with a maxi dress?

To decide what shoes to wear with a maxi dress, consider the length of the dress, your height, and the occasion. While wearing your maxi dress with heels, aim to maintain the perfect length to floor ratio. Nobody wants the hem of their dress to trail along the floor and create a trip hazard, nor does anyone want their dress to fall short and no longer look like a maxi dress.

For a casual look during the day, pair your maxi dress with flat shoes like sandals or ankle boots. On the flip side, if you crave to achieve a dressier look at night, go with stiletto sandals, block heel shoes or wedges.

Our Tip - If your height is slightly shorter than normal, then to avoid tripping on a longer maxi dress, get your feet into stacked wedges - it will help your dress sit at a better length.

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