5 Fashion Trends That Are Making Big In 2021

5 Fashion Trends That Are Making Big In 2021

2020 was a low-key fashion season - lockdown restraints made us housebound. Naturally, it pushed high fashion back in all of our wardrobes and made track pants and house slippers our favourites. The year was all about comfort clothing.

Now we’re three months into 2021. Gladly, the fashion industry is gradually getting back to its grind. The fashion trends of 2021 are here with a fresh wave of glam. They are reminding us of the awe and the impact fashion could have on individuals.

Some of the trends are ruling the fashion ramp through a gust of experimental colours. Others are sticking to last year’s norms. The rest are promoting subtlety. Either way, we’re happy the fashion industry is more innovative and accepting.

We’ve compiled the best fashion trends of 2021 that are going to define the year. We’re excited to try these trends. Let’s dive in!

Hottest Australian Fashion Trends 2021

Earthy Colours To Steal The Game

The fashion colours on-demand has seen an extensive variety. We’ve travelled through extremes in recent years - from neutrals to pastel shades to bright blocking colour combinations. But this year has the potential to set a colour scheme for the entire decade.

If stylists are to be believed, earth tones are going to be in popular choice. The blacks and greys could be replaced by the rust reds, mustard yellows, and deep browns. They have been making their way into the fashion world at a fast pace.

The earthy tones give the impression of warmth and elegance at the same time. You can use such colours to add a sense of depth to your outfits. So good news, you can use those autumnal shades all year long.

Flatforms And Chunky Soles To Continue Trending

Sneakers continue to be the first choice among teen and adult age groups. It started as a trend and has now established itself as a go-to footwear style. Trends keep adding to the patterns of sneakers.

Sneakers have adopted wide heels and chunky soles as a popular trend. It’s going to continue in 2021 as well. It’s stylish and comfortable. The trend can take one step ahead and assimilate itself to loafers and dress shoes. It’s expanding to a less casual footwear style than sneakers.

Women footwear list will also follow along the same lines as last year’s. Flatforms, a popular platform heels, is going to be the talk of the town. They provide the perfect blend of style and comfort. Moreover, you can pair them with both casuals and party dresses.

Stylists predict that mules and slip-ons are also going to be preferred choices.

Oversized Clothing To Bag Comfort

The 2021 fashion trends are seeking inspiration from last year’s lockdown days as well. Oversized fits and baggy clothes are a comfortable at-home style. They are now making their way into casual wear.

Tight, skin-fits have been the popular choice for many years. This year, designers are moving towards more comfort-clothing in public spaces. Loose and relaxed fits are winning hearts already. Pants with loose silhouettes, oversized shirts, baggy sweaters, boxy blouses, and flowing dresses are also gaining popularity in show business and runways.

Minimalism And Neutralism To Win Hearts

In recent years, the definition of fashion has evolved. It is used to evoke and express thoughts. Keeping that in mind, designers are minimizing the hype and bold and including more thoughtfulness into their designs.

The trend of minimalism is a result of this though-changing fashion. In both menswear and womenswear, minimalistic clothing is considered the most stylish. It allows one to present the chicness and luxury in their styling.

Minimalism is complimented through neutralism. Sharp tailoring, structured fits, luxurious fabrics, and neutral colour palettes add tasteful elegance to an outfit.

High-Waisted Pants Fitting Into Men’s Wardrobe

High-waisted bottoms have been among the top favourites for women. Be it denim, pants, joggers, or a simple pair of jeans, the high-waist trend adds a hint of glamour.

Interestingly enough, high-waist pants are about to infiltrate men’s wardrobe as well. It’s comfortable and defining a twist in styling. A higher waist will also help men look taller and leaner.

This trend is also highlighting how gender rules are becoming more and more blurred with every passing day. This piece of fabric is a staple clothing item for women today. We can’t wait to see men sharing this trend and making it look high-style.

However, high-waisted pants for men isn’t an alien concept. It was a regular outfit choice in the 1930s. It lasted until the 1960s and gradually blurred. This year, it’s coming back in full power!

The fashion trends are either borrowed from the past or made more futuristic. Either way, we’re getting a few of the most fashionable trends of all time this year. It has hints of glam with an appropriate touch of luxury. The best takeaway is comfort styling is preferred these days.

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