Islamic Men Wear

Islamic Men Wear

Are you struggling to stay trendy and follow the sunnah when thinking of what to wear? Or perhaps you’re unaware of the sunnah dressing code and would like to know more? Look no further, here’s what you need to know to balance the sunnah and stylish way of dressing.

Dishdashas, thobes, kurtas and shalwars are a few pieces that are both fit for sunnah, and are stylish. These clothing items are often categorised under traditional clothing styles, evolved over centuries in conformity to the prophetic tradition and cultural norms.

When worn in this day and age, you wouldn’t think they’re century-old items. When styled right, you would look fresh and trendy.

Understanding the muslim dress code has been a challenging affair because our fashion is dictated by our religion, from the 7th century. To make it a little concise, here are some of the basic rules that muslim men must follow:

  • To cover their awrah, which is from the navel all the way to their knees
  • Men cannot wear silk, gold or any form of effeminate clothing
  • Ankles should be exposed so they must keep men pants and lower garments high

With a whole generation of muslims exposed to the western culture, it’s probable that clothing choices will be inclined towards contemporary ones. The realm of fashion isn't lagging far behind and you'll find plenty of items to splurge on, provided these garments fit the sunnah.

If you are amongst the many modern muslim men who like to stay stylish, trendy and looking fresh, all while keeping within the sunnah, read on for exactly what you need.

Thobes or Abayas

A thobe, also referred to as an abaya, is an ankle-length, often long-sleeved, loose, straight cut garment usually worn by men from the middle east. The most popular colours in thobes are either white, or black but fear not, there are many islamic stores that sell a variety of different coloured thobes.

If you want to have a break from the traditional abayas and wear something more stylish and trendy, try more of the contemporary abayas. They’re tailored cuts and you can lend a distinct vibrancy to your avatar by going for contemporary abaya colors such as dark blue, brown, beige, and khaki.

To find a variety of different styles of thobes, head on over to the following link:


Pants are incredibly versatile, they are made in different cuts, different fits and completely different sizes. Well-cropped, loose-fitted pants have gained immense popularity in not only muslim men but non-muslim men too. Men nowadays are buying full length jeans and folding the bottom to make it look cropped. Moreover, they have fallen in line with the sunnah clothing requirements. You can find a few variations of trousers having slight differences in design, while still being sure that you will get a unique look.

Besides men’s pants, shorts having a sheen-length are a trendy clothing option for muslim men. You can pair one with a full-sleeve t-shirt and casual shoes for your parties and gatherings with friends, especially in the hot summer. Also, you have a plethora of colors like grey and navy to choose from. It’s sure to give you comfort and up your style like nothing else before.

Here is a life hack to ensure your comfort is prioritised: choose a comfy, perhaps stretchy material while buying pants to make it easier when doing wudu.

Here is a life hack to ensure your comfort is prioritised: choose a comfy, perhaps stretchy material while buying pants to make it easier when doing wudu.

If versatile pants and shorts seem as a surprise to you, click the link and see for yourself:

Head Wear

Kafiyas are a Palestinian signature piece in the middle east, at first used for sun protection, now used as a fashion statement by almost everyone. Now, there are a variety of different head wear that men could use, all of which live up to the expectations of a muslim man.

You can bring together skull caps, beanies, men’s sunnah caps and the classic hat for a perfect outfit. Or, you can swap it with an array of designs. There are duller colours with minimalistic design that add the desired personal touch while conforming to the norm of prophetic tradition.

There are plenty of companies that are coming up with their signature Arabic calligraphy headwear for men (& women). As such, there’s no dearth of variety to select f rom. You’ve always got an option!

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Last but not least, one prominent component of today’s menswear is the sirwal, which are bottom wears for different casual occasions. These clothing items are available as drop-crotches, joggers, or cropped-trousers. They are loose and most definitely comfortable.

Sirwals make for a great pair with casual t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, thereby having the potential to boost your casual wear. The fabric of these clothing items are usually very soft, thus proving extremely gentle to your skin. For a perfect islamic fit, you can go for a jogger sirwal that is short to keep the ankles customarily exposed.

The above are just a few of the many islamic menswear options you can choose from. Make sure you have complementary accessories with your clothes. All pieces will work to enhance your style like never before.