Stylish and Exclusive Islamic Clothing for Women

Stylish and Exclusive Islamic Clothing for Women

Islamic fashion is all about modesty and feeling empowered while being your elegant-self.

Modest clothing is globalizing and making ripples in the fashion arena. Truth be told, it seems like these graceful, culture-inspired clothing pieces are the next big thing in the fashion world, and are here to stay. Modern muslimahs and other fashion divas are dressing up modestly and fashionably to make a unique statement. If you are keen to join this bandwagon, you are in for a treat.

Taking notes from the hottest trends in Islamic clothing for women, we have listed stunning pieces that can jazz up your wardrobe. Take notes and then plan for your shopping spree.

1. Ladies Abaya

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Incorporating Abayas in your wardrobe can be the best way to inject modesty and sophistication all together. If you are looking to add some subtle glamour to perfect your occasion, switch to Abayas. They are effortless, chic, and on-trend fashion options. You can easily transform your look with Abayas going from workwear to an elegant piece of evening wear bringing total versatility.

2. Long Tops

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Whether it’s a party or daily clothing, it’s never wrong to invest in some long tops as they bring in a touch of versatility. For a more casual yet stylish look, long tops are a great alternative that makes for a striking Islamic clothing for women. Be it a skirt, palazzo, or wide-legged pants, you can pair them with almost anything!

3. Tiered Dresses

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If you are looking for that perfect go to dress for either an occasion or even that perfect Sunday dress definitely, go for a tiered dresses. Nothing makes you happier while twirling around in the sun than a free-flowing unstructured silhouette. Try the effortless and versatile piece even if you have plans like a picnic, walks, or garden gatherings!

4. Tiered Maxi Skirts

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After dresses, tiered and ruffle skirts are the new love of style enthusiasts in the modest fashion world. They are all versatile, effortless, and enviable from office to the evening look. You just need to give an appropriate twist with cute looking tops or rock it with a turtle neck top and pair it with boots. It is going to pull the look altogether.

5. Trousers

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Trousers suit a wide range of occasions and create a pleasant change from Abayas, skirts or dresses. Whether you are going to the office or for breakfast with the girls , trousers are a great option that makes you look put together. They are so versatile to suit any occasion that either you can create a co-ord set by matching it with the same top or give it a twist.

6. Cardigans

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Cardigans are peppy and ultra-functional. They allow you to play with the contrasting lengths that make you look cute and stylish. Adding cardigans to your wardrobe is the best way to look on point while keeping snug. So, if you are looking to add a celebrity style factor with all the colours and style elements switch to cardigans. They are every girl’s wardrobe needs!

7. Parachute Top

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If you don’t have the guts to go skydiving, at least you can look the part with great parachute detailing. Jokes apart:) By parachute detailing we mean simple yet stylish cuts that come with the relaxed parachute-style fit. It comes in the Australian stretch drape fabric that suits every body type that makes for an ideal wake, work, and sleep outfit!

8. Modesty Suit

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Last but surely not the least, comes the modesty suits that are a great option for those who want to limit their sun exposure while swimming. Moreover, those who aren’t interested in revealing clothes can surely go by this option while keeping their modesty up!

Final Word

Islamic clothing for women is about elegance and comfort, but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on fashion. Instead, comfort is best served with a twist of style. However, finding clothes that are both stylish and comfortable is challenging. To help yourself, try the aforementioned styles. Depicting a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, they will leave you looking beautiful, confident, and powerful!

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