Fashion is a broad and somewhat vague concept. For some, it’s keeping up with the latest trends, while for others, it’s nothing but being comfortable in their individualism.

From our understanding, fashion identifies with the construction and presentation of the self with the help of clothes. It represents modesty and elegance as much as it reflects coolness and exoticism.

The fashion industry entails a style for every age, culture, and religion. One go-to clothing piece that’s synonymous with modesty is the hijab clothing. It’s a must-have Islamic clothing worn by Muslim women to present themselves with grace, charm, and modesty. And today, hijabs are available in several impressive patterns and styles.

The latest hijab styles are a beautiful crossover of modesty signing up to the trending list. These beautiful pieces are ideally chosen by modern muslimahs who understand both fashion and the cultural significance of wearing a hijab. If you are keen to upgrade your wardrobe with one such hijab, consider exploring these best-selling options.

The Classic one

Let’s start with the basics, for you can’t ever go wrong with them. The famous and widely-used classic hijab is convenient to carry and wear.

The trick is to wrap it the right way, which luckily, isn’t a big deal.

You simply need to fold a rectangular scarf and place it on your head, wrapping it from the sides to your chin with a pin.

Take sides in opposite directions across your shoulder all the way back and then to the front, joining the ends. Spread it onto your chest and you’re done to rock this timeless beauty with every outfit. You can visit hijab stores online and find this one with relative ease.

The Renowned Turban Style

The Turban wrap is making the largest rounds in the modern trending section of hijab online shopping.

If you want that extra oomph to your style, don’t shy away from this opulence providing wrap. Although ideal for women with a sharp jawline, anyone who has the patience for extra styling can pull it off. To add some bling, add a pair of embellished earrings, and you’ll be ready to attack the day.

The Effortless Beauty

While we all don’t mind putting in efforts every now and then, some days just don’t give you the facility of time.

So whether you’re running late or in a laid back mood, pick up on the loose pinless hijab that demands nothing more than a few seconds’ efforts. You just wrap it around your head, throw any loose end over the shoulder, and you’re good to go.

The One with Pastel Shades

The world has picked up on pastel colours for a while now and doesn’t seem to let go of it. The soothing shades match with pretty much everything giving you a low-key vibrant feel around your styling. The next time your confusion engross you between two hijabs, leave them both and pick on a pastel-shaded hijab. You will not regret it.

The Summer Look

No matter how much you love hijabs, summers make your relations with them a little complicated. Wrapping a piece of cloth around your head for a long time makes you hot, sweaty, and itchy. But fashion has always got your back. Make cotton scarf hijabs your companion, drape it casually and loosely around your head and beat the heat in style.

The Professional Hijab

Workplaces’ attire need not be an excuse to cut down on fashion. The professional hijab, sticking true to its name, is an utterly sophisticated choice for corporate spaces or work environment. Break the monotonicity of plain and structured outfits with it and bring the sheer elegance to your style.

The Bow-Tie

On the days when you let yourself involve in an experimental fashion, cling on to the bow-tie hijab style. Its wrapping ends with forming a unique bow-tie pattern in the front. This trend looks miraculously beautiful, stylish and classy. Brunch with a co-worker or a dinner with your loved ones - it's perfect for every occasion.

The Winter Look

Aren’t hijabs a blessing in winters? The chilly weather makes hijabs one of our favourite things. Experiment with a multi-layered hijab in winters. It doesn’t save you from the cold weather but looks very stylish when paired with a long woollen coat and a thick scarf. You’ll be set to look all snuggly and warm.

Final Words

With all such trendy choices, why wear the same-old classic hijab?

The world is going to keep experimenting with more hijab styles and patterns. You too can get started - mix-match your trendsetting hijabs in different styles and patterns and celebrate your charm and femininity.

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