5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

5 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

Winters are approaching and it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe for the chilly weather. From pants and dresses to sweaters and coats, winter outfits bring a myriad of challenges when it comes to styling them.

How do you layer up and get everything completely covered? How to dress in the office the best way? How to style winter outfits for a party look?

We have attempted to solve all your issues related to the styling of winter outfits in this blog. Here are a few resourceful and inexpensive tips to stay snug and stylish this winter.

Let’s start!

5 Resourceful Ways to Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter

1. Layer It Up Using An Abaya

Clothing for winters has not to be dull and boring in winters. Abayas can make the best layering in winters that can keep you snug and fashionable at all times. Wear a warm thermal suit underneath and layer it with a buttoned abaya. Pick the right size thermal so that it doesn’t seem puffy when you wear an abaya over it. It will keep you warm in the chilly winters and would make for the best conservative outfit.

2. Oversize Is In The Vogue

Winters are all about keeping warm and staying in comfort. Whether it is summers or winters, oversize is in right now. It makes for the comfiest and conservative outfit if you are looking for some modest clothing options. You can pair an oversized sweater or jacket with a wide-legged palazzo or jeans and accessorize it with belts and boots. Also, you can layer the same with an oversized coat over the sweater. It will keep you protected from the cold and keep you stylish.

Apart from this, you can wear loose fitted and oversized woollen tops over a thermal and team them up with wide-legged palazzos or pants. It’s stylish and comfortable without looking overdone with tons of layers. Also, we would recommend you pick heavier fabrics like corduroy, denim, twills, and more. They all act as wind breakers and keep you warm when the temperature drops.

3. Wear Long Maxi Skirts

Long maxi skirts are everyone’s favourite whether it is winters or summers. People generally style flowy maxi skirts in summers, but they can be styled in winters as well. All you can do is wear tight legging underneath a maxi skirt and pair it up with an oversized sweater or a woollen top. We would recommend you to wear heavier skirts for the season to retain the body heat. Don’t forget to accessorize with a sling bag and boots as usual for winters. It will look smart and keep you snug.

If you have those miniskirts don’t pack those away; instead, pair them up with warm leggings and long-sleeved tops. You can also choose to layer it up with oversized coats or jackets for a statement look.

4. Experiment With Scarves

No doubt that every one of you would be having scarves in your closet. Why not style them this winter? Scarves or hijabs not only elevate your look but also keep you warm in winters. Especially the silk scarves with deep and dark colours are the best recommended in winter. They offer a cosy vibe and the colours are still embracing.

You can style them in zillions of ways in winters that will retain the body heat and amp up your style.

Moreover, team the textured or patterned scarves with hats, they are worth trying this season!

5. Always Accessorize

Our feet, toes, and ears are the most vulnerable areas and feel like covered in ice when we step out in cold. Cardigans, boots, socks, and hats are the essential accessories that you will surely need to keep yourself cozy and warm in winters.

Don’t forget to wear warm socks because your toes and feet are most vulnerable and you may feel extremely cold. Also, wear boots, they act as extra layering during the winters as they are designed to keep you warm.

However, you can also wear shoes, bellies, or sneakers depending on the look or the way you feel comfortable. The idea is to keep your feet covered.

Apart from this, always wear hats or scarves as mentioned in the point above. Make sure to cover your ears because ears don’t have much insulating fat and are prone to getting cold faster. Here the under scarf caps or hijab caps also make for a great head covering that will protect you from the chilly weather and up your style game.

Above were a few tips for the cold weather that will keep you cozy throughout the winters. If you had been struggling with winter styling and were looking for some inspiration, we hope you find the blog useful. We know what challenges you all face and have tried to cover varied options.

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