Three Tips to Style a Plain Abaya So You Make a Statement to Remember

Three Tips to Style a Plain Abaya So You Make a Statement to Remember

When talking about traditional Abaya, it is a cloak-like item of clothing or a robe dress that is worn in many parts of the world. It is usually black in colour and covers the entire body, leaving only the face, feet, and hands visible. It’s rated as a truly modest form of clothing and is largely used by muslimahs of all ages.

When Abayas first hit the market, they were not-so-creative and available in one-size-fits-all. The variety was limited in terms of design or fabric choices. Now, the trend has changed as designers have come up with fashionable yet sophisticated styles, giving the traditional way of wearing abayas a decent makeover. Further, if you like to personalise your style and make a unique statement, there are dozens of ways you can try and style a plain-looking abaya. Here are our top tips to make your abaya look anything but ordinary.

Three oh-so-amazing Tips to Wear a Plain Abaya

1. Pick A Designer Handbag with Contrast Colour And Matching Heels

Designer handbags - how we all love them! These are perfect accessories for carrying our everyday essentials, alongside adding an element of style in our look. To add a pinch of fashion in your decent abaya-look, carry a beautiful handbag, preferably in contrast colour. Also, find and wear the perfect pair of heels to complete your ensemble. This will upgrade your look from drab to fab in no time.

2. Use A Nail Polish And Headscarf Of The Same Colour

Headscarves are a must-have to complete your modest look. To enhance the look and feel of your simple abaya, you should try applying the same colour of nail paint as your headscarf. This will give an instant boost to your look and make you feel more confident and alive!

3. Choose Printed Scarves To Add A Character To Your Personality

If you are a vibrant diva, never hesitate to make it apparent. It’s always a wise idea to choose printed hijabs to compliment your black and white abayas beautifully. These are ideal to add a unique element in your look and give you a modern makeover. Especially if you are a young lass, this style is perfect to make you look your age and shine all around while keeping your modesty intact.

That being said, here we have also jotted down some popular abaya styles that you can shop from designer boutique stores like Nour Al Houda. From casual and office wear to festive occasions, these are some most-sought-after styles you can choose to wear as per your personality.

The Moroccan Style

Wearing abaya in the Moroccan style gives a timeless, bold, comfortable and unique appearance. This style of clothing is meant for both men and women. It reflects a unique style of draping with layered designs and silhouettes.

The Two-Tone Style

What is gaining popularity in the Muslim women’s fashion is the two-tone abaya style. This style is like wearing a different-coloured skirt from the colour of the bodice. Wearing abayas in a single colour is the gone trend now, however adding overcoat or a skirt wrap makes it look unique.

The Floral

Gone is the time when abaya used to be available only in black colour. Now, to change the entire look, the designers have incorporated prints. Multi-coloured flowers are added in the form of stones and embroidery motifs. You can easily find abayas in embossed floral fabrics. This style looks elegant and trendy when stitched well.

The Butterfly

It is named butterfly because of the wide sleeves resembling the wings of the butterfly. Such an abaya style looks great in fabrics like silk, chiffon, jersey knit as they come with a lot of drapes.

The Open Style

This abaya style is more like an over-cloak. Being open along the front, it is best to wear in the festivals as they offer optimum coverage while also looking like a perfect party outfit.

The Kaftan

If you like to wear traditional Muslim clothing, go with a long abaya in a long kaftan-like dress. This style originates from the Arab countries.

A-line Style

It is more like a traditional abaya style that fits up to the waist with the skirt flaring down resembling the letter A.

There are so many designs to choose from. From the traditional black to the trendy urban style, so many choices to wear modest western Muslim fashion clothes. You can go for long full-length dresses or long-length skirts with loose and full-sleeved tops or blouses.

Well, you are spoilt with choice! The key is to be creative and wear mix and match to have a modest yet beautiful look. Remember to go with a casual and simple look for everyday wear, and leave the glitter and glitz for some special or festive occasions.

The best place to buy abayas is from a reputed online store such as BNAH. If looking for a combination of variety, quality and style at unmatched prices, Boutique Nour Al Houda offers an extensive collection of stylish and inspiring abaya designs and styles for the modern woman.