Are You An Active Hijabi? Bet On These Modest Activewear Brands!

Are You An Active Hijabi? Bet On These Modest Activewear Brands!

When you look at activewear, they don’t really match the vibe of a true hijabi woman owing to the culture wired with the belief of modesty. However, ever since many fashion brands have been eyeing modest clothing, the biggest sports brands too came with their unique range of pro-hijabi activewear that allowed Muslim women to participate in sports. It helped minimize the practical challenges of playing sports while wearing religious clothing.

Modest Activewear - Blending Grace in the Sports Arena

After the active participation of various Muslim athletes such as Manal A. Rostom who is from Egypt, a change in purchasing behaviour of Muslim women has been observed. They could be seen inclined to wearing activewear. The possible reasons could be perceived aesthetic attributes and better compatibility with religious norms in terms of functionality and expressiveness. This has resulted in high demand for pro-hijabi clothing that leads to the growth of activewear brands that were catering to Muslim clothing.

And, thus many activewear brands could be seen promoting modest clothing that is inspiring Muslim women to take up sports, realize the girl power, and compete internationally. And now, many women have started flaunting activewear without needing to alter anything as they have their head, neck, and legs completely covered.

Reflecting a religious ideology, the activewear for Muslim women symbolize a performance hijab. In this blog, we will be discussing some cool activewear brands that are raising the bar in Muslim activewear clothing.

Let’s have a look at them.

3 Best Activewear Brands for Muslim Women All Around the World.

1. Azya

Azya is a popular brand in Australia for modest activewear that is tested and appreciated by Muslim women of the region for their style of clothing and taste. The brand has been successful at glorifying and expressing its unique interpretation of modest sportswear for Muslimahs. Interestingly, the brand is known to offer the world’s first full-coverage swimwear and meeting the needs of modest fashion.

At Azya, you will find a variety of modest and hijab friendly line of sportswear that includes wrap skirts, swim caps, swim sets, swim tunic, ruffle skirts, and maxi skirts. The style of clothing is completely unique, stylish, and comfortable, which matches the vibe of the conservative and religious setting of Islam. Through its sustainable clothing, it has challenged the status quo and is successful at making a name in today’s scenario where it is difficult to meet the expectations in activewear.

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2. Medina Activewear

Medina Activewear is a brand that focuses on the diversity and strength of women and celebrates it while advocating a healthy lifestyle through its activewear collection. It is an ideal brand for all women who love to indulge in an active lifestyle and appreciate the idea of keeping everything modest, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time. Regardless of the cultural boundaries, the brand has successfully catered to the diverse need for workout gear for Muslim women.

Here you will get to explore a wide range of options that give you full-body coverage. The wearable range of clothing includes modest and stylish activewear right from long tanks to scuba hoodies along with lightweight and functional jackets. The material is breathable and durable to endure even the rigorous workout.

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3. Speedo

Speedo is also a well-known brand based in Australia that caters to the Muslim world all over the world. The brand is inspired by life in and around water and focuses on creating modest swimwear that offers full cover-up. The modest style is appreciated by all and encourages the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle while promoting swimming as sports.

The brand has taken care of the modesty standards of the Muslim community. Here you will get a wide range of modest suits that include leggings, swim pants, dresses, and swim tunics. We can say that the clothing in the line of activewear provides complete personal comfort, protection from the sun along with the body consciousness. So, all the hijabi women can now swim in attractive swimsuits without compromising other modesty standards and religious convictions.

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So, these were some of the best activewear brands in Australia that offer full coverage clothing while keeping the religious commitments intact.

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